Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free Date Screening API Offered to Dating Websites

In wake of the recent tragic events leading up to the lawsuit against Match.com, PlayerBlock.com is offering a free API for additional screening of its members to Match.com and all other dating websites. The recent lawsuit of Match.com comes from one of its members claiming she was sexually assaulted by another member. The offending member in this case was in fact a registered sex offender. In addition, free date screening is offered to all dating website users directly by going to www.PlayerBlock.com. The website enables its users to search the database based on Name, Phone Number (including mobile) and now even with photographs through the use of its Facial Recognition Technology Software.

According to industry sources, the lawsuit against Match.com is a “wake up call for all Online Dating Companies which do not take remedial efforts to at least afford users with some tools to protect themselves from sexual predators to con artists.” According to several legal analysts Online Dating Services must arm their users with at least some opportunity to do the equivalent of a dating history check through PlayerBlock.com or similar services, otherwise they could be setting themselves up for a jury verdict which could top millions of dollars or otherwise forcing the dating company to close its door altogether.

In fact, the lawsuit demands that Match.com screen its members for sexual predators and asks for a temporary injunction banning the site from signing up new members. Match.com released a statement, “Screening for sexual predators is hardly a guarantee that all members are safe and could actually lead to a false sense of security. But they are moving forward with a plan to do so now because a combination of improved technology and an improved database now enables a significant degree of accuracy.” Although screening for sexual predators would seem a viable step, The PlayerBlock.com API can serve up additional information on users to assist in making informed dating decisions and therefore eliminate the types of lawsuits faced by Match.com and eventually its competitors unless “some action” is taken to protect their users.

PlayerBlock.com is a community driven website that enables users to provide feedback on people they have dated in the past. The website enables its users to search the database based on Name, Phone Number or Photo (Face Recognition Technology). Like any community driven review website, users of this service would have to use their own discretion with any information found in the database. The API will enable websites such as Match.com to make API requests to the PlayerBlock.com database to search for matching records. Additionally websites such as Match.com could send any new dating reviews to PlayerBlock.com via the free API.

Press inquiries and assistance with incorporating the PlayerBlock.com API and integration thereof are welcomed and available, respectively. Individual users may go directly to the PlayerBlock.com site and begin to protect themselves as tens of thousands of individuals already have.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

PlayerBlock.com Adds Face Recognition Searching

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Global SMS, Inc. the owners and operators of PlayerBlock.com, the leading dating background search site and network, is pleased to announce revolutionary features which levels the “playing field” and renders dating safer.

“If we save one victim the time and pain of a cheater, it was well worth the time and money invested.”
.The newest features were inspired with the hopes of reducing or eliminating the drastic and sometimes even deadly outcomes of online or spontaneous dating. With the launch of a new set of ground-breaking features the dating and even married demographic is safer.

Until now, the unique search capabilities of PlayerBlock.com enables registered users to search for “Players” based on their phone number. This method was originally chosen given that it is the only reliable information exchanged during the courting process. While the user community has found the phone number index of great value, Global SMS, Inc. is committed to providing the community with the latest advancements in technology.

In addition to the new search capabilities, PlayerBlock.com has included a whole suite of social networking component. Private messaging has been the most prominent request from within our community. Users have stated interest in direct contact with the “poster” for further clarification. All of these updates paired with the website’s “Watch” notification feature, will give the user instant access to relevant information.

PlayerBlock.com is privately funded and operates under the following motto. “If we save one victim the time and pain of a cheater, it was well worth the time and money invested.” All of the new and existing features of PlayerBlock.com are available for free at www.playerblock.com.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Social Spy Networking

So you've got a new date who's like totally hot and you want to know if he/she is a cheater, player or liar.

With PlayerBlock you can find out the real deal. Essentially, it's a sort of dating companion that discloses people's dating habits. All you've got to do is type in their phone number and PlayerBlock will give you access to responses from other members who've dated the same person.

Users can also type in their ex's number and contribute to the database. Doing this will warn others about this person who left a bad taste in your mouth. The site also has a watch feature that will notify you of any comments left about your current partner...very sneaky.

While this has a certain entertainment value, it could be quite useful, supposing someone actually dated the guy/gal you're supposed to hook-up with. At any rate, the service is free and interesting enough to mention and check out.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Backgroud Check on Dates

I have been in the dating scene for a while now and wow do I have stories about some of these woment out there :{ Today I was bored stumling on the net and found this website playerblock.com that allows you to do a background check on people by their phone number. Pretty funny things people say, I have a few to add myself.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Need Some Advice

Yesterday I was talking with my sister about my husband and how distant he has been recently. I know marriages go through their ups and downs but something did not feel right.
After listening she told me that it may be a sign of cheating and told me to check out this site and player block. After searching player block for his cell phone number I was overwhelmed with the comments I found.

Brenda Says "This guy is a total loser! I was at the supermarket and he approached me. I instantly saw the ring on his finger so I played along. I asked for his number to expose him on here. Ladies beware, I feel sorry for his wife."

Tina Says "We went out for coffee and all he talked about was how great he was. He then told me he was married and asked if I was ok with that! Is he for real?"

After reading this it is pretty evident what is happening. My question is should I confront him with this or hire a private detective to get concrete evidence. I think if I confront him with this he will give me a response like "It‘s the internet honey, anyone can post anything".
Any advise is appreciated

Players Beware

Today I seen a few hot girls on campus and went over to see what magic I could work.
The hottest one seemed distant so I played it up with her friends. After a few minutes of chatting I invited them to meet at JB's a local bar later tonight for some drinks.

They all seemed down and then the hot one says "What's your number"? as she pulls out her iPhone. Inside I was so excited but tried not to let it show as I proudly gave her my number. Then the unthinkable happened, she tells her friends to look at her phone. As they crowd around I can only wonder what could be so entertaining.

All of the girls have this look of amazement on their face so I ask what's going on? Then one of them blurts out "You've been blocked!" Blocked? What do you mean?
She shows me her phone with this website Player Block and my phone number is on there with a comment from my ex-girlfriend reading the following. "Chris is the biggest player I know. He has slept with most of the girls on campus and should not be trusted. At first he comes off as charming but once you give it up he turns into a total jerk".

I couldn't believe it! Now I have to change my number and be carefule of who gets the new one!